Meeting Courtney Jordan

Courtney Jordan is an Entrepreneur and Investor. Pictured at his Durham NC office. Courtney Jordan's Holding Company Courtney Jordan Holdings and Venture Beyond are all headquartered in London UK
Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan stands in the doorway of his Scenester staff office.

It was during the summer of 2016 that I first met Entrepreneur and Investor[2] Courtney Jordan. It was at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel‎ in downtown Toronto, that asking for a salt shaker would turn into a five-day interview with the outspoken visionary. 

I had just wrapped a morning photo shoot and was enjoying the breakfast spread at the Fairmont Royal. Seated at the table next to me was a svelte man with a table full of food. Seated alone, and reading a paper, something I found equally interesting. I noticed his salt shaker was present where mine was not. I asked him if he would let me borrow it for my smoked salmon. Immediately he agreed to the simple request like most would. Unlike most though would follow a series of questions that would engage me in a two-hour long conversation that seemed shorter than a few minutes.

Jordan’s questions were invasive and deeply conscionable, they invoke in me a sense of deep thought and reflection.

I could not understand why a stranger would care to ask me things my closest friends never have or would. Why the interest was so genuine. Moreover, why I felt so at ease to even answer them. Questions about my childhood trauma and my life goals. Goals I was ashamed to admit had failed.  His words of encouragement and real-life fluff free criticism and advice seemed to flow with ease as if he had known me. I cannot explain it, but it was during the following months in a small town located inside the bible belt of the United States that I would come to learn that it was something that comes with knowing and experiencing Courtney Jordan.

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